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Access Control

Every building is designed differently. Based on their construction and vulnerabilities, they have different security requirements as well. Rather than selling a standard security system to every customer, SAFElink takes the extra effort to design a system that properly fits your commercial needs. Our system designs often include door/window protection, motion detection, glass breakage sensors, fire protection, carbon monoxide alert, and flood notification. These systems are designed in a way to include the ability to expand in the future. Our systems solutions give you the greatest protection possible. They are easy to use, making it convenient for commercial business owners. The system design also includes multiple keypads and/or keyfob remotes for ease of operation. We often include electronic lighting automation with smartphone system control so that you never walk into a dark hallway or forget to turn the iron off when you leave. These advanced features are surprisingly inexpensive to add to our systems. If you need an upgraded security system in Brampton, Ontario, you can count on us.
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Closed Circuit Video Systems

SAFElink has developed the turnkey security solutions necessary to protect your company and facilities. We offer Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance systems that are designed to meet two objectives: monitoring and documenting events. CCTV security cameras and IP cameras provide fixed or Pan Tilt Zoom functionality as well as automatic monitoring capabilities. The network and digital video surveillance recorders document movements or activity by storing the video on hard drives. The CCTV surveillance systems installed by SAFElink utilize high-quality cameras, recording equipment by all the major manufacturers. These systems utilize cameras that are strategically placed in both interior and exterior locations. As such, we also assess the needs of the clients, the size of the facility, its exit and entrance points, high-traffic or information-sensitive areas, and more. When choosing the type of security camera as well as its angle and location, it is important to choose a company with an incomparable experience. SAFElink has over 35 years of CCTV system implementation and configuration experience.
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Communications Infrastructure

SAFElink Group Communications: Linking People Together
  • Voice Cabling
  • Horizontal CAT5E & Cat6 Cabling
  • Vertical Multi-Pair Backbone Cabling
  • Single & Multi-Mode Fiber Optics Cabling
  • Copper Terminations
  • Wireless In-Building Access Points
  • Wireless Multipoint & Point-to-Point Systems
Whether it be a custom home, a retail storefront, or a long-range wireless application, SAFElink has a solution to suit your needs. From simple Category 5 cabling and jacks to complex point-to-point wireless bridges, you can rest assured that we can solve your communications issues and exceed your needs in the process. SAFElink engineers and installs top-quality solutions designed with your current and future needs in mind, bringing you reliability and sustainability in an ever-changing electronics market.
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Intrusion Detection

Building security systems are imperative in keeping a company’s business secure from any potential threats or risks. Our security services at SAFElink specialize in the installation of intrusion alarm systems for both Retail and Commercial sectors. We make use of the most state-of-the-art control panels and high-security sensors to ensure that your building(s) are protected and secure. Intrusion detection results in the immediate energizing of a specific area, indoor sirens, and the transmission of the alarm to our ULC listed monitoring station for emergency response. Alarm signals can be transmitted via phone line, cell (GSM), IP, or a combination of transmitter types. We can design a custom system that offers you exceptional intrusion detection while still meeting your budget requirements. We are pleased to advise you that all products used by SAFElink are non-proprietary and completely generic in all hard/software terms and applications.

Perimeter & Entrance Control

Security Entrance Lanes

Security entrance lanes are designed to achieve maximum pedestrian while offering a high level of security. Their discreet, modern styling coordinates perfectly with corporate and public environments.

Swing Gates

These are a perfect complement to security entrance lanes. Swing gates offer emergency egress while accommodating service staff and people with reduced mobility.

Tripod Turnstiles

Our easy-to-use, robust tripod turnstiles with a low profile design provide automatic access control for high traffic sites.

Full-Height Turnstiles

Used primarily to secure the perimeter of fenced outdoor sites, full-height turnstiles promote single passage and are extremely weather-resistant.
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Retail Loss Prevention

Today’s economy demands excellence in the management of Loss Prevention. Security professionals must have a unique blend of experience and leadership along with the ability to contribute to the enterprise’s profitability. They must not only monitor daily activities but also possess the vision to plan and implement strategic initiatives for the future well-being of the company. SAFElink can assist you with the placement/development of effective loss prevention technology and a reduction in the cost of your national security alarm contracts. We are a ULC Security Integration Company for Intruder Alarm Systems, Access Control, and CCTV. SAFElink can also assist your company by providing you with competitively priced service/installation costs nationwide. SAFElink is capable of supporting all the major types of systems within the market place today, including systems already installed by other companies.

Locksmith Services

SAFElink understands that security in the workplace must be a top priority. This is why we offer the most comprehensive and responsive service and support. We dispatch technicians daily throughout the GTA region. Our unique qualifications mean that we know how to safely, securely, and effectively manage every opening of any commercial building.

Master Key Experts

SAFElink Group has master key experts who can design key systems to match your facilities’ existing hardware and security needs. No job is too big or small. Master key systems can be easily integrated with electronic hardware with audit trail capabilities.

Locks Changed & Rekeyed

SAFElink is a team of skilled technicians who has the ability to rekey cylinders, open locks, repair locks, and serve as a resource for technical information regarding all types of mechanical and electronic security hardware. We stock residential, commercial, cabinet, padlock, high-security locks & hardware.

High-Security Locks

We are an authorized distributor for major high security, patent-protected key systems: Medeco3.

Fire/Panic Hardware

Our estimators and hardware sales representatives are knowledgeable in the different building and fire codes and can recommend the right products for your application.

Emergency Service

We also provide a 24-hour commercial emergency service to existing customers in the GTA area. If calling after regular business hours, call 1-866-882-7233 and the automated attendant will direct your call.
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