Make Life Easier for Your Senior Loved One with Home Automation

Make Life Easier for Your Senior Loved One with Home Automation

When a person’s mobility is compromised, there are certain tasks and chores around the house that may prove difficult for them to achieve without the proper support. Seniors and other disabled persons are most especially vulnerable to this situation.

Here are some things that they can benefit from automation and installing a reliable security system in Brampton, Ontario.

  • Access Control

    Smart home in Richmond Hill is programmed with names and unique codes for the people you allow access to your home. This could be family members, your caregiver, or a trusted neighbor.

  • Remote Access

    A video feed is installed inside the home so that residents can see whoever is at the door. A two-way intercom is put in place so that communication may happen without the need of opening up to strangers. (If the visitor is a relative or a friend, your loved one may open the door using a mobile device.)

  • Automated Timers

    Program a home automation system to your senior’s schedule. Set the system to lock the doors, turn off the main lights, and turn on video surveillance cameras with a single command.

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