Identify Your Existing Security Alarm System!

Alarm Systems Its very common alarm system owners know very little about their existing alarm equipment. If you are considering making a move to a lower priced, no contract alarm monitoring provider such as SafeHomeCentral its important we know what brand and model security system you own. This help’s us confirm compatability with our central station as well as what options such as interactive services for remote control of your system from a cell phone is possible. The simplest way to get started is to just match up a picture below to what you see on your wall or countertop. Check both the Wireless Alarm Systems as well as Hardwired Alarm Panel sections. In some cases the dealer may have placed their own private label on the keypad. This happens all the time with national companies such as ADT. These dealers don’t make the equipment but may confuse identification since rather than saying Honeywell on the keypad it may say ADT for example.

Wireless Alarm Systems

A Wireless All-in-One (AIO) alarm system does not have the traditional control box rather it is built into the main keypad alone with wireless receiver and siren. Most modern security systems are these types of alarm systems today and very powerful for their small size.
  • Honeywell Lyric Controller
    Honeywell Lyric Controller WIFI enabled with LTE cell option
  • Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000
    Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 WIFI and LTE cell options
  • Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210
    Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210 Landline enabled, WIFI and LTE cell options
  • Honeywell Lynx Plus
    Honeywell Lynx Plus Landline enabled, WIFI and LTE cell options
  • Interlogix/GE Simon
    Interlogix/GE Simon Landline only or external universal LTE cellular options
  • Interlogix/GE Simon XT
    Interlogix/GE Simon XT Landline enabled, LTE Cellular options
  • Interlogix/GE Simon XTi
    Interlogix/GE Simon XTi Landline enabled, LTE Cellular options
  • Interlogix/GE Simon Xti-5
    Interlogix/GE Simon Xti-5 Landline enabled, LTE Cellular options
  • 2GIG GC2
    2GIG GC2 Landline enabled, LTE Cellular optional
  • 2GIG Rely
    2GIG Rely 3G cellular can no longer be activated
  • 2GIG GC2e
    2GIG GC2e LTE Cellular Optional
  • 2GIG GC3
    2GIG GC3 LTE Cellular Optional
  • DSC Impassa
    DSC Impassa Cellular communicator required
  • DSC Touch
    DSC Touch 3G only. Can no longer be activated for monitoring
  • DSC iOtega
    DSC iOtega WIFI and optional LTE cellular versions
  • DSC Alexor
    DSC Alexor Landline only or external universal cellular options
  • Alula Helix/Connect+
    Alula Helix/Connect+ WIFI and/or LTE cellular options
  • Qolsys IQ Panel 2/2+
    Qolsys IQ Panel 2/2+ Dual-path WIFI and LTE Cellular
  • Qolsys IQ Panel
    Qolsys IQ Panel WIFI and 3G cellular – Can no longer be activated
  • Honeywell Lynx Touch L5200
    Honeywell Lynx Touch L5200 WIFI and 3G cellular – Can no longer be activated

Hardwired Panels With Keypads

A hardwired security system will have a metal box with all of the door, window, motions, keypads etc. all connecting back. This is the control box. Its generally hidden out of view in a closet, garage, or basement. A hardwired control can still have wireless sensors in the mix especially to locations where running wiring is extremely difficult so an add-on wireless receiver is added.
  • VISTA 20P 300
  • Honeywell Hardwired Panel Models

    Ademco 4110, 4110DL, 4110XM, 4110XMP, 4120XM, 4130, 4140XMP, 4150, 4180, 5110XM, 5120XM, 5140XM, Vista-10SE, Vista100, Vista-10P, Vista-10SE, Vista-128, Vista-128FBP, Vista-128BP, Vista-128BPT, Vista-15, Vista-15P, Vista-15PSIA, Vista-20, Vista-20P, Vista-20SE, Vista-21IP, Vista-250BP, Vista-30P, Vista-32FB, Vista-40, Vista-50, Vista-50P

    Landline enabled, IP Internet and cellular options
  • Honeywell Tuxedo Keypad For Vista Series Hardwired Alarm Systems

    Honeywell Tuxedo
  • Honeywell 6150
    Honeywell 6150
  • Honeywell 6160
    Honeywell 6160
  • Honeywell 6128
    Honeywell 6128
  • Honeywell 6139
    Honeywell 6139
  • PC1832NK-300
  • DSC Hardwired Panel Models Power832, Power834, PC1616, PC1832, PC1864, HS2016, HS2032, HS2064

    Landline enabled, IP Internet and cellular options
  • DSC PK5500
    DSC PK5500
  • DSC PK5516
    DSC PK5516
  • DSC PTK5507
    DSC PTK5507
  • interlogix
  • Interlogix/GE Hardwired Panel Models NetworX NX-4, NetworX NX-6, NetworX NX-8, NetworX NX-8E, Concord 4

    Landline enabled, IP Internet and cellular options
  • NetworX LCD
    NetworX LCD
  • Concord 4 Touchscreen
    Concord 4 Touchscreen
  • NX-108E
  • Concord LCD
    Concord LCD
  • PC1832NK-300
  • Napco Hardwired Panel Models Gemini P1632, Gemini P1664, Gemini, P3200, Gemini P400, Gemini P800, Gemini P816, Gemini P9600, MA1000, MA1008, MA1016, MA3000

    Landline enabled, IP Internet and cellular options
  • Magnum Alert
    Magnum Alert
  • GEM-RP1CAe2

Questions, Questions, Questions

There are indeed questions that must be asked when a potential customer reachs out for new alarm monitoring service especially if they do not know exactly what system they own. In some cases it was installed years ago and the original receipt is lost or perhaps you inherited this system when you moved into the house with no information left by the last homeowner.
  • 500-series-black-md
  • Cellular Tower
Are you using Landline, Internet, or Cellular for communication to a central station?

In the old days it was always landline but few homeowners have a real landline any more. Its possible to use VoIP which is a landline-like telephone service from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) but unless this line is wired to the alarm panel it is not an option. Keep in mind that VoIP is not a reliable communication path to a central station. Some ISPs have a fairly good service while others are horrible and the transmission just will not go through because VoIP was not meant for digital signaling but voice.

Internet and cellular communication, while more reliable and faster, can also provide interactive services if your control panel supports it. If you have a hardwired panel the Internet or cellular communicator is a small box generally mounted next to the control panel. In a wireless AIO system the system may have a cellular, WIFI, or both card inside. What is important for us (or any dealer) is the MAC Address or IMEI number on the card (or inside the communicator addon box). This is how we register your communicator for service.

Pricing is based on communication path as well as interactive support options so be sure to understand this component.

NOTE: If your system/panel has an existing cellular communicator it MUST be 4G/LTE to be activated with AT&T or Verizon. If you have an older 3G model for example you will need to update to an LTE communicator to make a switch to any new security dealer. Some panels require a firmware update to use an LTE card.

  • External Cellular or Internet Communicator For Hardwired Panel
  • Cellular or WIFI Communicator Card For AIO Wireless Panel
  • Cellular Communicator Module For AIO Wireless Panel
Are you using Landline, Internet, or Cellular for communication to a central station?

Interactive services is what provides remote arm and diarm functionality from a smartphone, tablet, or PC as well as Z-Wave home automation to control lights, locks, and thermostats. The particular alarm panel or communicator in use determines if Z-Wave capability is possible with interactive services. Its worth pointing out interactive services is ONLY possible with Internet or cellular communication. Landline communications is a dial-out service and will not work with interactive services.

Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus DIY Wireless Home Security System Review – 2019 If in doubt just hit us up on Chat or give us a call to discuss! We’re here 7 days a week, 9am-9pm EDT for technical and pre-sales support. 267-961-6353
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