How Keycard Entry Systems Benefit You

How Keycard Entry Systems Benefit You

As a provider of card access in Mississauga, we have made a short review about keycards to help you figure out if this system is the right one for you.

Keycards are used to restrict or grant access in specific areas through electronic doors. It is done by tapping, swiping, or inserting the keycard in the reader. The reader then tries to read the credentials in the magstripe or chip. If your code is recognized, you are permitted access. After that, the reader sends a signal to the electric lock to open the door. This process is only less than a second, so it is really quick and convenient.

Furthermore, you don’t have to bring metal keys with you all the time. Key cards can easily fit in your cardholder or wallet. You can configure the power of one keycard to authorize access to several doors. It can be customized to fit specific locks in specific times for particular people and/or a certain number of unlocks. If lost, you can immediately deactivate the keycard, so your security is not compromised.

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We are a company providing IT services in Ontario. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for everyone. We want you to feel secure, whether you are at home or work.

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