Access Control Access

Finger Print Access Control Security Systems offers scalable, integrated security door entry systems using biometric fingerprint, smart card, and/or PIN.

Closed Circuit Cameras

Since 1984, SAFElink has had a proven track record of quality security services in the areas of design, integration, and installation of all types of security and life safety systems.

Vandal Resistant Dome

Our security cameras are designed to resist impact from any form of vandals while making it more difficult for anyone to make an unwanted adjustment to the camera view.

Managed IT Services

SAFElink offers management and support of IT network-based services to companies and different businesses.

Welcome to SAFElink

CCTV in Vaughan, Ontario

Since our establishment, our focus and commitment have always been to provide our clients with outstanding services and support, from the sales through installation. Our customized comprehensive security solutions are centered toward bringing peace of mind to businesses and homeowners, knowing that their company’s best assets and their families remain secure and safe. Our goal is to provide only the latest technology at a friendly price for the best-in-class security system in Brampton, Ontario.

Why SAFElink?

Whatever your safety requirements are, SAFElink is the right choice for your needs. We have simply covered all the possible angles in different security requirements. Having served over 35 years in the security business industry, we ensure there will be no breach of security.

Commercial Security

For different businesses, SAFElink carefully selects a set of solutions to meet the diverse commercial security, video surveillance, dire, and access control needs of companies. From the initial assessment through the written proposal of the security solution to the installation of the security system, our professional team will provide outstanding services.

Residential Security

Ontario residents can have peace of mind knowing that their home, family, and possessions are safe and secure. Whether homeowners need simple door alarms, home automation, or complete door, window, and motion detection systems, SAFElink offers the right security solutions.

Fire Protection

SAFElink provides advanced fire prevention and alarm solutions to different businesses and homeowners. We offer a complete design-build solution inclusive of certified systems to meet the provincial fire code requirements.
  • Intrusion 75%
  • Card Access 78%
  • Life Safety 80%
  • Network/IP CCTV 70%